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January Sale 2017 at Gates and Fences UK. 30% off our selected range plus half price delivery

Driveway Gates

Wooden Driveway Gates
At Gates and Fences UK, we have sourced and use only the finest, slow grown Redwood Pine.
All of our Driveway Gates are produced by hand, by us and to any size using traditional, time served construction techniques such as mortise, tenon and dowel joints. This technique provides ultimate strength to the frame and stops any risk of the frame popping.

Gate height is to the highest point of the gate.

We offer Full Electric Automation Kits and Gate Installation. If you are planning to add automation, please call as adjustments to the gates are required depending on automation type.

Looking for Metal Gates? See Wrought Iron/ Metal Driveway Gates

Brentwood now from
£234.49 £344.99
Baywood now from
£255.49 £384.99
Chappelwood now from
£297.64 £389.99
Berkshire from
Guildford now from
£264.49 £344.99
Shrewsbury now from
£333.49 £399.99
London from
£329.48 £444.99
Cotswold from
Earlswood now from
£299.99 £394.99
Abbeywood now from
£299.99 £394.99
Comptonwood now from
£299.99 £394.99
Ascot from
Brookwood now from
£329.99 £424.99
Brookwood Reverse now from
£329.99 £424.99
Woodberry from
Woodchurch from
Pettswood now from
£299.49 £394.99
Woodbridge from
Torbay From
Heritage from

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