Calculate Gate Width

Calculating the size of your new gate is easier than you may think. However, the size required can differ based on the gates material and style as the required clearance gap will change. 

  • First, for all gate types, take three horizontal measurements between the opening. This should be top, middle and bottom.
  • Take the lowest measurement. This is the width you will use to calculate the gate width.
  • Next, reduce the lowest measurement taken by the clearance required - select from the guides below based on the gate type and material. 

For alternative methods such as opening both ways or out (rather than the standard inwards), please call to discuss tolerance required.

Please view our guide below which is based on our own hinge tolerances and the correct allowances for our automation systems which we would recommend for each type of gate. Please note we cannot be responsible for any errors using this guide as each gate set up can vary greatly with obstructions and different allowances having to be given. It is always best to fit gates with adjustable hinges and in these cases you can allow a greater hinge clearance. If you require gate installation. please call as a site survey can be arranged prior to ordering the gates.

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