Daitem SC902AU Wireless Intercom Kit with Keypad

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Daitem SC902AU Wireless Intercom Kit with Keypad

Eack kit can handle...

  • Upto 4 electrical latches or locks (pedestrian gate access)
  • Upto 4 automatic gates (car access)
  • Upto 4 automatic garage doors
  • Upto 4 lighting receivers

Easy and flexible to install

  • Choice of internal handset unit location: on a table or fixed to a wall
  • Choice of handset unit power supply: battery-operated or mains-powered base
  • Choice of controller power supply: battery, solar panel or mains
  • Activation of up to 16 automatic systems using the same handset (4 radio receivers per button)
  • Communication between handsets possible
  • Outdoor caller units for one or two dwellings
  • The same handset can manage up to 4 call buttons each with a specific ring tone
Daitem SC902AU Wireless Intercom Kit with Keypad

The Caller unit (IP54 rated)
Sited by the front door or gate, this is the outdoor unit by which visitors announce and identify themselves. Available with one or two call buttons Comes in white ABS plastic with a ruggedised die cast brushed aluminium anti-vandal cover. Includes proximity Tag reader (Key Fob).

The Controller (IP54 rated)
Connected to the Caller unit, to which it supplies power and for which it makes radio communications to the cordless handset. It directly controls & powers a standard 12-volt ac or dc latch or electric lock, plus it has a volt free relay contact to trigger a powered gate or door system.