Driveway Gates

Discover our extensive range of driveway gates from UK's largest bespoke gate manufacturer. All expertly crafted by hand to any width and height using traditional, time served construction techniques. Huge range of designs to choose from, flat top to double bow top. Find a driveway gate that really does make an entrance. Manufactured from the finest, slow grown Redwood Pine.

Electric Driveway Gates? Above or below ground automation systems available. Additional alterations to the gate need to be made during production - call our sales team for more information.

Different material? We also produce Metal Driveway GatesHardwood Driveway GatesMetal Framed Driveway Gates, Wooden Driveway Gates and Composite Driveway Gates


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Viewing 1 — 37 of 37 items | Page 1 of 1

Wooden Driveway Gates

The beauty of wooden driveway gates. Constructed from the finest, slow grown Redwood Pine. All of our driveway gates are built by hand in the UK to any width or height and produced using time served techniques such as mortise, tenon and dowel jointed frames. Deep framed with thick cladding to create a strong and durable driveway gate. This is our standard double driveway gate range. We also manufacture Sliding Gates, 3/4 Split Gates and Bi-fold Gates.

How to calculate a wooden driveway gate width

Measuring the width for your new gate is easy. Simply follow the steps below.
  • Take three measurements between existing posts or pillars (top, middle and bottom).
  • Make a note of the lowest measurement and reduce by 40mm (1.5"). This is to allow for gap clearance. 
If purchasing your driveway gate online, use the drop down width and select the size to the nearest inch (size below). Alternatively, call our sales team to order the exact size.


How to Fit A Driveway Gate

We offer a gate installation service for manual or electric gates. However, driveway gates can be fitted relatively easily by most competent DIY'ers. Check out our video below or see our How to Fit a Driveway Gate guide.


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