Fit Gate Posts

Whether your replacing Driveway Gate Posts, Side Gate Posts or Fence Posts into the ground, the technique to how to fit posts stays the same. Below is a guide along with a short video on how to do this but we are here to help and will answer any questions if you get stuck along the way.

Things you'll need:

Post Digger or Spade
Tape measure
Spirit level
String line or straight edge
Wooden batton (staff)
Hammer (not essential)
Nails/ screws (not essential)

1) Starting with post 1(the ground is at its highest point) dig a hole approx 700mm deep leaving a minimum of 100mm around the sides of the post edges. Dig the hole the same shape as below. Fill the bottom of the hole with approx 100mm concrete (this allows the post to sit on firm ground and helps protect the post from moisture damage.

2) Fitting post 1.With one person holding the post level always checking both sides frequently, whilst the second person fills the hole with concrete. Once the hole is filled strap the post both ways to keep it still whilst the concrete sets.

3) Make a staff (basically a piece of wood, or two bits joined together) that is the width of the gates plus the hinge tolerances. This will make fitting the second post alot easier to ensure the correct width is always achieved.

4) Dig the second hole. The finished height of the second post once in the ground needs to be level from the top of post 1. Use the staff to make sure the post if fitted at the correct width from the first post. Check the distance with the staff at the top,middle and bottom of the post. Start filling carefully with concrete always checking the distance and your levels. Allow the concrete to set properly before fitting any gates.

Always fit the first post where the ground is at its highest
Always level across to make sure the top of the posts are level
Always ensure the posts are plumb (if one post is out of plumb make sure the second post is going the same way ie the spirit level bubble being slightly on the left on post 1 needs to be in the same position for post 2 otherwise the gates may not close with the fronts of the gates being flush)

Fitting gate posts example of set-up for a pair of posts.

Levelling gate posts to ensure both sides are plumb.