Garden Gates

Discover our range of Garden gates. Expertly crafted by hand in the UK to any width or height using traditional, time served construction techniques for ultimate durability. With so many garden gates to choose from you're certain to find a gate to "really make an entrance".
Attention to detail is crucial and every gate is finished with a routered edge to not only look better but also feels better. Of course, with so much care taken on the production of your new garden gate, we only use the finest (slow grown) Redwood Pine.
Our Garden Gates are any width and height from between 3ft to 4ft 6". If you require a higher gate, please see Side Gates

Different material? We also produce Metal Garden Gates, Hardwood Garden Gates, Cedar Garden Gates and our "Prestige Range", Metal Framed Garden Gates.

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Viewing 1 — 26 of 26 items | Page 1 of 1

About Garden Gates

Purchasing a new garden gate is a great way of enhancing the kerb appeal to your home as well as helping secure your pets and children. We class our garden gates as those that are up to 4ft 6" high. Gates that are above this height are called Side Gates or Pedestrian Gates. As for the width of  garden gates, we offer any size between 2ft (609mm) and 4ft 6" (1m 371mm). For those who need narrower (or wider) please call to order. 

Garden Gate Design

Selecting the design for new garden gate can be challenging. Our most popular garden gate design constructed in Redwood Pine is our Baywood Garden Gate. Flat top design with open spindle top and vertical cladded. It suits a huge range of property types, looks great either stained or painted. To browse through all of our garden gate designs with different materials, see here.

Garden Gates designs. Baywood Garden Gate

How to calculate Garden Gate width

Measuring the width of your new garden gate is simple. Take three horizonatl measurements between the existing pillars or posts (top, middle and bottom), make a note of the smallest size then reduce size by 20mm (or 3/4"). This is to allow for the gap clearance required to open and close the gate. Select your garden gate design and choose the size that suits from the drop down menu. Online, our garden gates are sized per inch in width (or to the exact millimeter over the phone). If your required size is between measurements, select the smallest size.

Want to learn how easy it is to fit your garden gate? See our "How to" guide.

How to Fit Garden Gates

Fitting your new garden gate is relatively straight forward. Most competent DIYers are capable of installing their gate with no experience and basic tools. Read our guide "How to Fit a Garden Gate" for details.