Gate Service - Annual Contract

Most of our customers who have their gates installed by us also sign up to our "Annual Gate Service" contract. We offer several types depending on what suits your needs the best.

To gain the most life from your automation, we recommend having at least one annual service carried out. For most, this is fine. For those who use their electric gates more than 10x per day, we would suggest one service every 6 months. With commercial electric gates, we recommend having at least 4 services done each year. There are a number of benefits to having your gates serviced, these include:

Our Electric Gate Service includes:

Electric Gate Service Cost:

  1. One annual service per year £249 inc VAT (gate operating 10 timers per day or less)
  2. Two services per year (every 6 months) £399 inc VAT
  3. Four services per year (every 3 months) £699 inc VAT (commercial use or multiple homes with one gate)​​​​​​​

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