Hardwood Bi-fold Gates, The Baywood

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Hardwood Bi-fold Gates, The Baywood

Open spindle flat top gate design. Manufactured using the finest, hand selected iroko hardwood to create a stunning and durable bi-fold driveway gate. Expertly crafted in the UK to any width or height. Time served construction techniques to provide ultimate durability.
Being a bi-fold opening type makes it a great gate for those where the opening space is limited or driveway slopes up. The gates are able to fold back on themselves so only needs a quarter of the width of the gates in its open position.

Working out the required gate size:

To work out the size of the gates take the opening width you have (between pillars/posts) and deduct the following to allow for hinges. This is assuming the gates are to be opening inwards.

3 x leafs minus 60mm from opening size
4 x leafs minus 80mm from opening size
5 x leafs minus 100mm from opening size
6 x leafs minus 120mm from opening size
7 x leafs minus 140mm from opening size
8 x leafs minus 160mm from opening size

The above measurements allow 15mm clearance between the edge of gate and post/pillars, 20mm between 2 leafs attached with a strap hinge and 10mm for the clearance in the middle of the gates (where the two gates close in the middle)
For more information or advice with working out your measurements call us free on 0800 612 4965 and we will be happy to help.

Fitting the hinges on these gates are straight forward. We recommend either the 24" or 36" adjustable hinge set for the outer leaf gates. This hinge is able to hold a great deal of weight and then use strap hinges for the other leafs. A jockey wheel is adviseable if the gates are very large or to make the opening of the gates easier.

All gates online can be purchased to the nearest inch, if you do require a more precise size, please contact us. (Unlike others - there is NO additional cost for bespoke, we simply base price on the next size!)

Finish: Professionally applied. Choice of colours available to compliment your home. Need another colour? We can finish your gate in any RAL colour. See here for colour chart.

Bi-fold Driveway Gate Finish Option

Selecting Your Posts:

If you require posts we have a number of options for you to choose from. We have carefully selected our posts to enable them to have ground and in ground contact for many years, (15 years on tanalised posts)  reassuring you that they will remain strong and secure.
  • 2x 3" x 3" Posts: These are tanalised posts (15years) good if you are looking to bolt them onto a wall/pillar
  • 2x 4" x 4" Posts: These are tanalised posts (15 years) suitable to be either bolted to existing walls/pillars or concreted into the ground. 
  • 2x 6" x 6" Posts: These are tanalised posts (15 years) and will hold the largest of gates with the posts being concreted into the ground
  • 2x 5" x 5" Black Metal Posts: (25 years galvanised and black powder coated) These look stunning with any of our gates and are to be concreted into the ground.   
Selecting Your Hinges:

Our hinges are all HEAVY DUTY designed to hold our gates weight with ease. They all come in kit form which means they are supplied with the hinges, ring latch to close and open the gates, 2 x drop bolts to secure the gate in the closed and open position and brenton bolt for added security when the gates are locked shut. 
We would always recommend the adjustable hinges, this is because once you have fitted the gates you can adjust the gates by the hinges to enable the tops of the gates to be flush and always to be flush in many years to come. It will also save you hours on your installation time!
  • 24" Hinges recommended for gates up to 10ft wide and 6ft tall
  • 36" Hinges recommended for any gates up to 16ft wide x 6ft tall
  • Strap Hinges recommended for middle leafs

Need installation? Call us on 0800 6124 965.

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Timber Hand selected, Iroko Hardwood
Framed 3" x 3" (70mm x 70mm) - Mortise, Tenon & Dowel Jointed
Cladding T, G & V, 19mm Deep x 125mm Wide (nominal)
Rear Bracing 3" x 2" (70mm x 47mm)
Manufactured Handcrafted in the UK
Sizes Made to Measure
Installation Available, please call for details