Hardwood Driveway Gates

Iroko gates. Our Hardwood Driveway Gates have been beautifully constructed using Iroko, a large hardwood tree from west coast of tropical Africa, also know as African Teak. With an average density level of 673kg/m3, it is an extremely hard and durable wood. Every hardwood driveway gate is lovingly produced by hand in the UK using time served techniques to ensure ultimate durability and style. 

We offer Full Electric Automation Kits and Gate Installation. Call our Sales team on 0800 6124 965 for more details.

Different material? We also produce Metal Driveway GatesHardwood Driveway GatesMetal Framed Driveway Gates, Wooden Driveway Gates and Composite Driveway Gates.

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Viewing 1 — 57 of 57 items | Page 1 of 1