Install Metal Framed Side Gates

A Metal Framed Wooden Gate can greatly enhance the appearance of your home. Proper installation will ensure that the Gate swings open and shut without a hitch and remains tightly closed when not in use. A smooth operation also will ensure less wear on your hinges and a longer life for your gate. Installation of the gate should take around 2-3 hours for a first-time installer.
The below is a guide which shows how this particular gate was fitted

Tools Required:
Electric drill
Tape measure
Cordless drill
Socket set
Adjustable spanner
Metal drill bits (6mm,10mm,14mm, 18mm,20mm)
SDS 8mm drill bit

Fixings Used:
8mm x 130mm Thunderbolts


Packaged Side Gate 

Your gate will arrive extremely well protected.You will need to check the gate for any signs of damage once it arrives and any issues needs to be reported to us within 48 hours (2 x working days) All gates must be treated prior to installation.

Place metal posts against the wall in its required position and mark the holes for drilling the fixings
Metal posts on wall

When drilling through the posts, first use a 6mm drill bit to make the first hole and then go through with a 10mm metal drill bit.
Mark Metal Gate Posts    Screw Metal Gate Posts    fix metal gate posts

Hold the post in its required position, level the post and mark its position with a pencil. Using an sds drill and an 8mm sds drill bit drill through the posts making a small hole then remove post and drill the wall where needed deep enough to except the wall thunderbolts. Place the thunderbolts and posts into position and tighten in place. Repeat procedures to the other post.
adjust gate hinge


Fit the threaded bar with eye through the lugs on your side gate. Wind the bolts in roughly half way for now finer adjustment can be done later.

fit gate to lugs

Fit the gates onto the hanging post. It is easier with 2 people helping to fit the eye bolts onto the lugs as it can be quite tricky to align the eyes with the lugs. Once the gate is hanging you can adjust the bolts on the eye bolts which will raise or lower the gate and move it away or closer to the posts. Once the gate looks like its equally fitted with the gap being equal all the way around and the gate is not binding or catching anything tighten the bolts.

fitting gate handle  fit gate lock  gate handle fitted

If you have added a fitted lock then remove the handle from supplied box and insert one end through the lock. Place the handle to the shaft on the other side and tighten the lug screw with the supplied allen key to fix the handle onto the shaft.

The length of the lock and closing mechanism sticking out of the side of the gate can be adjusted using the supplied allen key where there is a hole in the middle of them sticking out.

Metal back gate   Gate locking mechanism

Next, close the gate to and mark the centre of the locking and closing mechanism onto the closing post. Measure in from the face 20mm and drill a 6mm, then 10mm, then 14mm, then 18mm, then 20mm hole. This will allow the gate once closed to be in its locked position.

Installed back gate  Back Gates