Sliding Gate Kit for Wooden/ Timber Gates

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Sliding gate kit for wooden/ timber gate. After years of experience and research, we recommend (and use) this set up for sliding gates. Eliminates any additional fabrication/ welding that may otherwise be required. 

  • 2x Metal Receiving Posts: 4" x 4" (100mm x 100mm) 8ft long (2m 400mm). Both have (2x) pre fabricated gate catches attached. Length of 8ft to allow fitment underground.
  • 1 x Support Post: with arm and 2x nylon rollers
  • 3x 3m Ground Track
  • "U" Rail - 4m (if purchasing without a gate, please call if you prefer this cut to the exact size of gate width).
  • Wheels x2: 
This kit can be purchased with or without a new gate. For more details on kit, please see here.

Sliding Gate Kits