Softwood Gates

We manufacture a range of Wooden Gates. Our choice of gates include: Wooden Driveway Gates (inc Sliding Driveway Gates and Split Driveway Gates), Side Gates, Garden Gates, Field Gates or Garage Doors, all built to any width or height.
All lovingly crafted in the UK from the finest timber and delivered to your home nationwide.

Different material? We also produce Metal/ Wrought Iron Gates, Hardwood Gates, and our "Prestige Range", Metal Framed Gates.


Wooden Gates

We manufacture ALL of our Wooden Gates here in the UK using traditional, time served construction techniques. Unlike others who offer pine gates, our pine is not only sourced from managed forests it is also slow grown (others use what is known as white wood pine for wooden gates). The importance of using slow grown is down to creating a more durable wooden gate. The density level in the wood is increased due to the growth rings in slow grown timber is tighter thus producing a better quality wooden gate.
We offer a range of wooden gate types with a number of designs available within each group. These include Driveway Gates, Sliding Gates, 3/4 Split Gates, Bi-fold Gates, Garden Gates, Side Gates and Field Gates. All of our wooden gates can be made to any width or height. Installation and automation is offered on our larger driveway gate range (inc sliding, 3/4 split, bi-fold and field gates). 

Pros and Cons of Wooden Gates

Wooden gates are produced from a choice of timber. We offer this range, our Redwood Pine, Iroko Gates (hardwood) or Cedar Gates (softwood). For cost, redwood pine wooden gates are the cheapest. Pine creates a strong and durable gate for any property - hence why this range is our most popular selling. Redwood pine timber does have knots in (although being slow grown this is a lot less than a white pine timber). Most people prefer the natural look of this as it makes a unique appearance to the gate and therefore will select a stain such as medium oak as the finish choice. For others, they prefer to have a gate with no knots and they will choose either a wooden gate from iroko or cedar, or have a painted finish to cover the knots. For security and privacy a wooden gate is selected over wrought iron/ metal gates. The close boarded panels ensures minimal visibility. As for maintenance, to ensure a durable gate (that will easily last 10+ years), a wooden gate needs to be annually treated as a minimum. Ideally, when you receive the gate, it should be stained within 6 months then done annually this keeps the gate looking perfect and also reduces the risk of movement. However, wooden gates are a natural product and all are liable to move in the British climate. This is completely normal. The way our wooden gates are made allows for movement within the gate without being noticeable or effecting the opening/ closing of the gate. If we have a spell of wet weather (or hot, dry weather) the boards will "breathe". This then opens up gaps within the gate. If this happens, there is nothing to worry about. The gate is designed and will return to normal once the weather settles. Our outer frame on wooden gates is mortise, tenon and dowel jointed to stop any movement from destroying the gate. Internal rebated frames are added to allow expansion along with millimeter gaps between cladding boards. Again, 99% of the time you wouldn't see the movement as its hidden within the gate.
Overall, a wooden gate in redwood pine is a great choice for the majority of our customers. If maintained properly will last for years, always look good and provide additional security and privacy to your home.

Wooden Gate Gallery

Need some inspiration? Why not see our Wooden Gate Gallery showing a range of wooden gates fitted in place.