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  • Adjustable hinges and drop bolts are included free with this gate. The metal frame comes finished in a black powder coat as standard.

    Looking for this design in Hardwood then check out Metal Framed Gates to see the full range

    Combining a deep metal frame with the finest selection of redwood pine timber to create a truly stunning and extremely durable gate style.  Expertly crafted by hand to any size in the UK. First by our skilled fabricators then to our experienced joiners for infill. Our metal framed gate range is what we are most proud of. Attention to detail both for look and durability is paramount. Sturdy 40mm x 40mm premium frame work, smooth welded joints, solid 30mm x 15mm rear bracing bars and stainless steel screws to fix the timber into place. To help prevent the gate from twisting or warping, welded braces are placed throughout the rear of the gate to ensure the cladding is correctly fixed. As timber is a natural product, it is prone to move during the seasons - in fact, a single piece of cladding can swell or contract up to 1.5mm, therefore, unlike others, we predict this movement and all gates are produced with a (non see through) expansion gap allowing the gate to "breathe" without anyone noticing it. The gap is dependant on gate size, and is usually between 5mm and 15mm which runs along the frame, parallel to the cladding width. This ensures stability of the gate without compromising the look. 

     If your property already features a different kind of cladding which you would prefer to match, we can produce just the framework for you then clad the gate on site (please call for details).
  • Width of Gate: Taken as if both sides were touching each other. For example, a width the drop down menu of 10ft (3m 048mm) would be 2 x 5ft wide.

    Height of Gate: Taken to the highest point of each gate. We recommend allowing a 50mm (2") clearance between the bottom edge of gate and driveway (as long as the drive is level). If you require a more exact height, please contact us to order.

    Gate Furniture (hinges etc): 4 x adjustable hinges, hinge pins, latch and drop bolts included with each gate. As standard, the position of the hinge will be 6" (150mm) the bottom edge of gate and 6" (150mm) top edge of gate. If you require these to be different (if for example you already have pins set into a post/ pillar), please call us.
  • Please Note: If you are automating your driveway gates then please consider the safety aspect. You will need to position safety edges to the gate where somebody could get trapped. You can view more information on safety edges here
    Safety Edges

    Metal Gate Posts: 5" x 5" (120mm x 120mm). Supplied to allow the posts to sit in the ground to a depth of 2ft (600mm). The post will arrive cut to size (therefore, if you selected a gate height of 6ft 6", the post length will be 8ft 6"). Hinge pins will be welded on ready and feature post cap fitted.

    Size of Gate not listed? No problem, call us with your exact size.

    Why choose us?

    Hand crafted gates individually made here in the UK

    Can be made to ANY width and height

    We construct gates to a very high standard, using the correct size metal for each gate depending on the style and size. This gives you a very strong gate which will last for many years

    Adjustable hinges, 2 x drop bolts and ring latch are included with your gate

    10 Year workmanship guarantee against welds

    One of UK's largest gate manufacturers approved by Trading Standards

    Delivered straight to your door

  • Working out the required size is an important yet simple task to complete but we are always at hand to assist you through the process (0800 6124 965)

    Calculating Driveway Gate width between existing Pillars or Posts:

    Take three measurements, top, middle and bottom (as below).

    How to measure for driveway gate

    Take the shortest of the three measurements and use depending on the gate set up as shown below.

    Option 1: Gate hanging between the pillars/ posts. Advantage with this option is the gate is able to swing both in towards the drive or out. Please note: It is not recommended to swing a gate outwards if it overhangs a road or pavement. The disadvantage to this set up is that you will have a relatively large gap between the edge of the pillar and the edge of the gate.

    To calculate the gate width: Take the lowest measurement and reduce by 150mm (6") - this is the actual width of required gate.

    Download PDF Measurement Guide


    Option 2: Gate hanging behind the pillars/ posts. This set up helps reduce any visible gap between gate edge and pillar. The gate can ONLY open inwards.

    To calculate the gate width: Take the lowest measurement of the opening width between the pillars/ posts and minus 40mm (1.5"). This will be the required gate width.

  • Specifications:

    Deep frame to provide ultimate strength and durability:
     Hanging Style40mm x 40mm
    Bottom Rail40mm x 40mm
    Middle Rail - Rear of gate40mm x 6mm Flat
    Main Infill BarsNone
    Feature TopNone
Timber Slow grown, Redwood Pine
Frame 3" x 3" (70mm x 70mm)
Cladding T, G & V - 19mm deep x 125mm (nominal)
Rear Bracing 3" x 2" (70mm x 47mm)
Manufactured Handcrafted in the UK
Sizes Made to measure - width and height